Hey! Add your personal flavour in the website you own.

Does your website talk? Is it reflecting the personality you have as an individual? You have a colourful soul, is your website equally portraying that? We as a web development company in Gurgaon picks up the website designing project with the assurance to deliver 100% results as per the customer satisfaction, however there are few instances where customer feels output is falling short by some distance. We then understand more about the end user and try to replicate the personality of them on the site, it’s been seen in majority of the cases website is gladly accepted by the end user.

So let’s check how is it possible to embed emotions in the hard coding by our developers.

#1. First thing first – how are you presenting the content

As we have stated time and again it’s the content which brings loyal customers and google crawlers on your site. First thing is to have green and fresh content, it should be simple English. Only content may not allow users to spend too much time on the page – include infographics, may be videos. Content is to be arranged in a manner so that visitors love checking it out.

Interesting page layout makes it stand out from the crowd and shows your personality. In this cut throat market, don’t you stand out and rule the market – Same logic applies to your site.

#2. Answer the question – what user wants from you?

If some customer meets with you in person, you explain them how the process works in your company, what are your services, who forms the management etc. Same fundamentals work for your website. Keep navigation simple, explain the process (video/ hand drawn), keep sufficient pages elaborating on each topic.

Make sure to explain things through your site the way you would have explained someone meeting them in person.

#3. Let your team members also enjoy the sun shine

Now more and more corporates, start-ups have started sharing details about the key team members on website. World should know who’s who about the company. It gives comfort to the end users. Also it allows them direct access to stake holders so that everything doesn’t fall on one person.

It also is a feel good factor for the team members. Be creative in the pics and description about them. Just don’t share the professional credentials, make sure to include personal hobbies etc. It makes everything quite friendly and overall outlook becomes quite approachable.

#4. Life is so much fun, so is your website!

Website should have some element of fun. If it’s a corporate, it makes sense to keep section for fun@work. Images here and there, some content which is updated on a regular basis keep it a fun to check the site again and again.

#5. Infographics is flavour of the day

Image speaks more than 1000 words. It’s so apt in the case of infographics. It makes it easy for visitors to understand things and also keep your site lively.

#6. Keep your users engaged!

Unless end user is not interacting with the site, purpose is defeated. Keep forms, way to subscribe them for the newsletter, maintain a blog section on site. Do things which keep the end user hooked up with you for long.

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