What it takes to have an Ooomph effect on your website!

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We are in mid Y2015 and from last 6 quarters websites in making are seeing a trend, this is adding spice in it and looks are very much in. Below factors if considered add lot of zeal on the website. Website designing and development has just not remained a Web developer’s job, now graphic designer, content writer also play a very significant role in the team. Each font, color, structure etc. has a relevance. Let’s see what it takes to have an Ooomph effect on your website!

  • Flat design is very much in – Big and small brands have started asking for web designs which is simple and fresh yet modern. Flat designs/ minimalist designs are high on list. Don’t you want a website design which makes lot of sense out of minimalist, clutter free images and web pages. White space on the webpages holds good relevance. Webpage should have clear spaces and images. Complete thing gives a great user Experience which is need of the day.
  • Website should work across tablet/ phones/ desktops – Website should be responsive, with the web browser coming in the hands of users, it is utmost important website should work well across all the devices possible.
  • Images are the rock stars – Finally graphic designers have a good say in web designing. Customers have started asking for better images- relevant, higher quality, relevant and unique. Prices are also reasonable, sources are surplus, use it to the fullest.
  • Single pager Parallax website – single product/ service companies and big brands certainly should try this. One pager website should tell a story – who, what, why, where etc are answered on the webpage. Curiosity of the user should increase while scrolling the page.
  • Display data using infographics – data with images makes a great combination – it is much more informative and soothing to the eyes of reader.
  • Fonts – it’s been sayonara for old fonts, with creativity pouring in new fonts are available in digital world. Tell your story in your writing. Be blunt, be creative, experiment. Needless to say results will make your webpage a master creation.
  • Content and micro video – Content in the form of text or micro video are playing huge role in keeping the visitors glued to your website. It’s worth an investment to get the content writing done from a professional content writer. Video is sometimes a differentiator which can’t be ignored.

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Gaurav Mehrotra (CEO-Webfries),

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