Are you a Start-up? What should you do get the attention! (Part-2)

Thanks for such an encouraging response to our last blog, in continuation of it we have shared further more points which will make your marketing efforts more robust and more meaningful. Without wasting any more time, lets run the golden bullets:

#7 $’s attracts $’s – Paid marketing

As a start up, you will have to park marketing fund for the paid campaigns. Organically to derive results it takes time and patience however to get the instant boost, you can fall back on Plan-B which is to spend Rs. On Google AdWords, Facebook paid campaigning, LinkedIn marketing, affiliate marketing etc. When you start any campaign, do lot of jugglery in terms of deigns, colours, text etc. – Be bold, be subtle, be optimum but it’s important to identify where is the acceptance. You need to make sure you have positive ROI after running the paid campaigns. Unless complete juice is not taken out, this effort burns the pocket badly and in no time. Also if used this channel well, yields great results as well.

#8 Get Recommendations

Your friends & customers can be your biggest asset to help you in building a brand. Try to get as many as authentic approvals & testimonials from them. Promote them well across the digital medium. Nothing comes closer to hear what other people say about your brand in the same community. It has the bang which can give you a serious head start. You can also experiment with how you arrange the testimonial – on mail/ feedback form/ video testimonials etc.

#9 Do you have an ‘X’ factor – remarkable things can get you that

As discussed earlier, you need to be different from the herd. If you are doing something remarkable, it will automatically bring word of mouth publicity for you. If you are doing remarkable things which are better than the best, it goes without saying you will get the word of mouth publicity.

#10 Get in touch with the Influencers

Using your network if you can reach out to the Influencers in the industry, it can do world of good for you. Apart from getting very valuable insights and advice, they can help you in promoting your name in the right forum if your product makes an appeal to them. It can carry the message much faster in the society.

#11 Don’t’ ignore the power of SEO

Google is dictating the way customer reaches out to you, keep your website SEO friendly so that you score decently well in their indexing. Their bots are so well equipped, doesn’t take time to understand where you shall be ranked. If required, hire a professional SEO company like Webfries so that you utilize this very important step well.

#12 Blogs/ Knowledge/ information brings in loyal customers

You should have the right strategy in place for the blog section, users are interested to know your mettle and how knowledgeable you are. That can best be projected by maintaining a blog section on the site. People DO subscribe for newsletters/ blogs if they find it interesting and worth reading.

#13 E-mail marketing

Time has changed so much in last 2 decades but email marketing has still one of the best ROI. Don’t overdo it, don’t ignore it as well. Do it just right.

There are other ways as well like video promotions, content marketing etc. For comprehensive digital marketing services, you can always rope in Webfries. We have helped several start-ups to reach great height, lets together make your story the next big success. How to reach us? Easy, just call us at +91 124-4382-633 or drop us a mail at

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