Are you a Start-up? What should you do get the attention! (Part-1)

Start-up culture is mushrooming fast in Indian subcontinent and ideas have started becoming a reality. Generally, if idea is good and traction comes for their product offering, it is expected that company should grow fast across the different geographies. Marketing cost is to be controlled so that with limited fuel company can grow fast in different territories with wisely decided marketing budget.

This article covers few marketing options which any startup would like to explore. To begin with Startup can reach great heights if AMAZING PRODUCT is support by equally AMAZING MARKETING. In early stage, customer feedback is very important which helps in improving the product and bring it to the level which can have mass appeal and also helps in setting up its price.

1# Include marketing in the product

Product should be capable enough that it does its own talking, if product is so good people will recommend on its own. It should be making a difference in life or making life easy. It should be easy to use and customer gets a benefit in terms of cost. Uber, google search, airbnb are few classic examples which meets the yardstick.

2# Customer feedback is important

In the initial phase, make sure to read the customers feedback. It is vital to gather them through surveys, feedback calls etc. and incorporate the suggestions if required. It helps in achieving the point no. 1 quickly if this step is taken seriously.

3# Facebook – Helps you in getting social

Facebook has more than 1.5Billion users, wow! It has become a very fast medium to reach the focussed audience. Park your marketing budget in this very important marketing tool. Cost to acquire customer through Facebook is low if tool & campaigns are used sensibly.

4# Supporting docs help

Spend the budget in arranging real testimonials (may be video testimonial), case studies especially from early adopters. If your product is path breaking, there is more resistance to break the definite mind set. Suggested docs help in creating awareness quickly and people relate to your ideas.

5# Get your “WHY”

If you know what is the “Why” of company, it will make sure each and every team member is working towards the same cause. It generally comes from the vision statement of the company. On one side vendors sells machine by telling users about the hard disk, RAM, monitor size etc whereas on the other side Apple promotes its Mac machines by riding on their Why which is to take the humanity forward. People relate and buy their more expensive machines.

6# Don’t follow the herd

Any given day any normal user comes across 4000+ advertisements, be it billboard, on their monitor screens, newspaper, magazines etc etc. only firms who are different from others get the attention. Brand recall comes if and only if you look and do things differently. It only gives a chance which makes you stand apart from other 4000 advertisements. Think differently.

This is the first lot of few valuable ideas which any startup company would like to adopt, soon we will share more points. For any website and web development, mobile app development and digital marketing support, you can ping Webfries. We are available on | +91 124-4379-633.

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