Can a human designer be replaced with the advent of artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken off like never before – As per Moore’s law, chips are getting better (dense) with every passing 24 months and robots are becoming smarter with time. Writing is on the wall that by end of next decade lot of jobs in different sectors will be catered by the machines. While reading on the topic, I had an urge to check if AI will have an impact in designing arena as well. Sounds too sci-fi however worth checking it. Its glaring evident now in a decade’s time, designing field will not remain untouched with AI for long. Companies have started evolving it and plan is very much ON to take it the next level from the CMS (Content Management System) platform which is available.

As an end user website designing is providing the content. Rest placement, designing, typography, colours etc., along with the feature to easily further modulate it as per your demand in future is taken care by the web designer most probably developing it on CMS platform, so how AI will bring a difference. Difference or to put it rightly BIG difference will be that smart machine will work as a designer and use the knowhow and intelligence as per huge data available with it (Big data), machine will suggest the attributes like color, placement, fonts etc. you just put the content and share your rough ideas how you envisage the website to be like, rest will be taken care by the “Friendly Terminator”. Sounds too magical! But I feel time surely will come for that.

Share your goals with the machine and Magic! You get the website. Content can also be taken care by poor machine which has intelligence and data sucked from vast digital space. Designers right now can take a relief as time has just started where machines still have to do lot of learnings, algorithms have to be defined and chips have to be further improved. Once the magical point is reached, mediocre profile job seekers will have tough time taking these AI enabled bots heads on. Bespoke designers may have an edge for long however wall will certainly be diminishing all the time afterwards.

Getting the Algorithm right will remain the biggest challenge for tech companies venturing in this domain, Google perfected the search algorithm long time back and improvising it every day. Same goes to Uber which has mastered the cab search field. There are precedence’s so it’s sure to happen in future too. One aspect which should be carried forward in time is that platforms should be built on “Grid” fashion. I have made this statement, reason being devices are also evolving, considering many different shapes, sizes of screens are available in the market, “Grid” is the best technology which allows websites to be totally responsive. No point reinventing the wheel for it.

Right now it’s in pretty nascent stage where machines are in kindergarten, Designers have started teaching them about the difference in good design and the best design. Once they are educated lot, lot of jobs will be at stake. I guess theory of evolution will start playing role in tech world as well.

Earlier agriculture was a very big job sector however in developed countries like US, UK etc, they adopted machines and it enabled them to have better productivity as machines don’t need rest and that too at lower cost. It’s a very basic example quoted, in automobile industry, machines are doing prime and refined jobs now. Its worth checking ow many robots are running in Tesla Electric Car manufacturing plant. How its possible for big firms like “Facebook” and “Google” to run the show with few thousand employees? Isn’t it interesting.

It took me good time to draft the article, most likely in this life I may be asking my personal bot to write some article, ‘It’ will ask me for the topics, tone of the article, basic questions especially and may provide me some different complete articles which Shakespeare or Steve jobs or PM Modi would have drafted it on the topic. It will be possible if technology evolves so much that it can register the basic human traits as well.

I would like to end this article with the question which sometimes scares me when I think about the answer “Will AI give us friends or enemies?”

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