Commonly made Website Design Mistakes that you should avoid!

To make Err is human, however if those can easily be avoided, you must plan to get them rectified. Your company website which is face for your brand in online world should be without flaws (at-least known ones). Flaws doesn’t mean problems which exist in grammar or spelling mistakes, it’s the important ones which we are talking about. Without wasting much time, let’s review what the design mistakes which you must avoid on your website.

# Are the images out of place?

Images holds a great relevance on any webpage. Few points you should consider while selecting any images are like its clarity, does it gel well with other aspects of the web page, message is clear or not etc. No wonder, more and more users have started buying images from shutter stock and other photo selling portals, E-Commerce companies rope in professionals to click amazing pics for their product line.

Good image can work as an icing on the cake and bad image can kill the site, users will not scroll the page if they come across totally out of place image. Go for the best ones without any hesitation.

# Is aesthetics in terms of colours, fonts are right?

You may have a colourful personality and want to see rainbow colours on the site. From UX point of view it’s a big No. Its recommended to stick with 3-5 colours across the site. Fonts and colours should gel well. Your logo will also have an impact on this decision.

Maintain consistency across the site so that as an end user experience remains same (and good) while surfing the site.

Aesthetics will go for a toss if less or more of variations are considered. It has to be just right.

# Did you use systematic layout?

Go for Grid structure – it helps to maintain everything organized. Consistency across the site is quite important. A Grid helps you in achieving it. Using grid structure, you can transform your unorganized website in to an organized one which will hold user attention limiting the bounce rate significantly.

# User wants to reach the destination, and fast

Keep navigation on the site as simple as possible, don’t enforce lot of drop down menus and hierarchies in case if it can be avoided. Above point of grid implementation also make the site navigation quite simple.

# Is site loading, loading and loading…

Do you like to spend time on site which takes too much of time to open? No one like to stay on such site. Factors can be many which is slowing down your site’s load speed. It can be images, jquery, too many CSS’s, animations and even videos etc.

Even if your site is aesthetically world’s best website however takes ages to open, you need to rework on this point. There is no other option!

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