Do you know the differences between static and dynamic websites?

Quite often we are asked the question from our potential leads in Gurgaon that what is the difference in static websites and dynamic websites. Though this question seems to be a straight forward one to many especially from web development field but our experience suggest that wider audience have heard these terms but not exactly are knowing the differences. There are millions of websites running in the digital world and just by having a single glance may not allow you to understand it’s from which category. Thumb rule followed by most of the individuals to differentiate is that if looks quite basic they feel it must be a static site and if its jazzy or of some big brand it must be a dynamic website. This notion is not true always. Let’s understand in this article how to differentiate them.

What is static website?

In layman’s language, static websites are the one which deliver information about the company products and services without much ado. In technical terms, such websites are hard coded sites in HTML and for doing any changes in the site, in maximum cases you would have to take the service from web designer/ web development company. Also, it does not have the database. Content can’t be managed by you. Static websites are quick and easy to develop and tangential advantage you get is that hosting cost generally remains cheaper as being hard coded site consumes less space.

There are few downsides as well of having a static site instead of a dynamic website like to make the changes in site you would need an expertise in web designing, for large websites static site approach may not be the best solution. Chances of stagnant content is higher in case of static sites which has serious repercussion on the SEO.

What is dynamic website?

Dynamic website basic definition can be that it allows website owner to update the content on site. Of-course it does much beyond this as well as it has a Database linkage. Its more expensive to develop a dynamic website as compared to static site however advantages which comes part and parcel makes it a great choice. As it allows site owner to manage the content on their own, it’s a great solution for websites belonging to segments where content is to be updated quite often. Main highlights which makes a great solution are content management system, e-commerce functionalities, bulletin & news boards, intranet/ extranet service, facility to upload documents, ability for site owners to do dynamic publishing. Further advantages are that its more functional, fresh updated content allows SEO friendliness and users prefer to come back to your site to read latest blogs or updated information.

Few disadvantages which can be quoted here are that its more expensive to develop dynamic website as compared to static site and hosting charges may be a little more.

Majority of the sites being developed are static in nature however in last few years we are seeing an upward trend in dynamic websites development in Gurgaon. Technology you chose is mainly dependent on the business need of the site. It depends on what you want your website to do for your business.

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