Very recently biggest news in Web world came from none other than “Google”. Google stocks will be reassigned to a new holding entity which is Alphabet. Don’t miss checking the domain name, very interesting indeed. What is the core reason for making such a move considering world over Google is considered synonym of Search and people know the brand by heart?

Has Google grown so big or they want to dissociate the Google brand with non-search products they have? Answer most likely is in the second choice. Google has presence now in life science, VC and other units which are not directly related to Search which is still their flagship solution so far. Now with the announcement of Alphabet it looks like they want to scale each vertical independently with separate Cost centers and Management Team including the CEO. Sundar Pichai has been announced as the CEO of Google and it means each vertical/ company will have individual CEO going forward. Page And Sergey Brin will continue to give direction for entire Alphabet Group of companies.

Question comes to my mind is it a Branding blunder or should be considered a Master stroke. Marketing mantra says if company has surplus offerings and trying to explore the unproven territories in everything it can definitely become risky. Google has enough brand ammunition that it will help them in the reach however if something doesn’t work out in a manner they envisage, there is a chance it may tarnish their super clean image.

Google world over knows for their most accurate search results be it web search, images search, location search etc. This has made the period as an information age where entire information is available in few clicks. However their entry in life science or health domain or other innovations which are not specifically linked with SEARCH has made Google come up with the decision to form Alphabet. Innovations happening in Google are in all directions, it’s important to keep it under one umbrella. It will allow them to make charges in even more unknown territories, they can be more ambitious without being concerned about Google Brand now. One thing is certain people lives will get better with the innovations coming from the Alphabet Mill in future. There is not much doubt that Alphabet brand will succeed. It surely will make a great society to live in as we are depending on the Tech Company which believes in the core ideology of “Do not Evil”.

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- Authored by
Gaurav Mehrotra, MD & CEO (Webfries)

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