How wearables are changing our lives?

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Couple of years back if somebody would have suggested that small device stripped on the wrist can be used for talking, surfing interesting articles, monitoring your heart beats it would have sounded straight out from a sci-fi scene. If this question is asked today, it will sound a normal thing. Technology is evolving so quickly and now it’s in a stage where more and more utilities are being embedded in the device. In our earlier blog we covered what reasons are facilitating its roll out and challenges left in its exponential growth. Apple’s entry in this segment has given it a serious push – it’s a strong sign that very soon it will become a mainstream product which consumers will be adopting in a day to day life.

Evolution of wireless Technology LTE has major role in its growth. LTE is has much improved network connectivity and power consumption is reduced tremendously. Its adoption in wearable device will allow it to remain connected in much more efficient manner. And in all likelihood it will remain its central force in immediate future. Y2015-Y2020 looks like will belong to affordable wearable devices and there are visible signs indicating it.

It’s becoming an integral part in our lives and how:


Wearables are taking the healthcare services to a notch higher. It’s improving the healthcare through continuous monitoring, it checks the glucose levels or monitors the heart rate and in case on any unusual activity it sends alarms as well.

As mentioned above, LTE as technology is helping in communicating it with caregivers. Just imagine the kind of usage it would have in future - Team managers can monitor players’ exhaustion levels during games, or alerting parents to instabilities in a diabetic child’s blood sugar level.

Wearable technology devices are getting better with improved battery life, needing charging on a weekly manner – rather than charging it on a frequent manner.


Accenture recently came up with a study suggesting accidents which involves heavy machinery cost employers in the United States around USD 6 billion every year. Just imagine the loss of life/ serious injuries in such heart rendering mishaps. There is a possibility Wearables may play a very significant part in reducing such mishaps.

Let’s understand how it’s going to happen – these IOT enabled devices have sensors embedded in them, it continuously monitors the environment conditions and allow workers not to remove gloves or goggles to manually check the readings. LTE enabled devices communicates the data back to the Central office where calculations are done on a real time basis and respond so that worker can take corrective measures.

This is just one simple example we have considered, it has tremendous potential in this arena.


It’s needless to say, almost all the utilities which are available on your mobile today will move to your watch, no more you would have to carry your phone in pocket/ purse – just wear it on your wrist. All gaming/ finance/ any other app as per your wish will remain available for you to leisurely spend your time. Smart glasses will allow you to carry the video games completely portable.

In a concluding note we can comfortably say, it is just a start, there is so much potential in the domain which is still untapped. Efforts are going in at a rapid pace and its certain consumers have great days ahead of them to cherish these great devices.

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