How your Company Logo make uniqueness of Your Company?

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Designing Logo is a complex process in which truly an image speaks more than thousand words. One image can reflect the company, brand, products, culture, vision etc. Good designer conceptualize the logo design by understanding the parameters company likes to reflect through the logo. Since in conceptualizing stage, ideas can be various and can go in several direction, its best to put it on paper and pick the few best ones which looks nearest to the expectation and work on them to make it a digital on PC. Adobe Illustrator and Coral draw are considered to be good software’s for cutting logo design.

Few basic but very important factors which are generally considered while making a logo:

  • Keep the design SIMPLE!!! I repeat keep it SIMPLE!!!
  • Logo should be effective at a large scale like Billboard and at a small scale like business card
  • Logo should be effective in color and black & white

There are broadly two forms in which Logo is defined:

  • Descriptive – where line of business forms a image and is part of the logo. For an example, for any jeweler inclusion of diamond/ jewelry/name of Jeweler forms a logo
  • Symbolic – where what the brand symbolizes is captured like smile, hope, technology etc. It’s in broad sense

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