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India’s pride, an ethical and principle oriented entrepreneur has picked up the torch to lead the start-up movement following Modi. A man who believes indian products demand a global recognition, has been setting up business meets with collared teas and patched jeans to hear their story. The multi-millionaire who glorified indian economics, swirls around to build yet another fort playing with young cards. If you have an idea, simply email him and you might get a chance to meet and impress the genius himself.

He has been catching a good amount of whales and sharks with his net spread all over the country and it all started with his first catch on June 2014. Altereos Energy, a Boston based wind turbine. Though this deal, did not win much of a media galore, our man was unperturbed. He strikes next, with the noisy Snapdeal! Tatan playing their lucky charm, his 5 crore investment raised the company’s valuation from 1 million to 5 million dollars!

Tata’s involvement in the health sector has always made a difference in India’s rural side. His research communicates that only 20% of the health needs are covered by government and private companies extend their hand to serve the remaining 80% of the population. SIR RATAN TATA TRUST has been curing and providing constant medical services to indians who have never seen a high-end hospital in their lives. After retirement, he makes a statement – “Health care is the next big thing”. He believes our country’s heritage is unique and will support 21st century to come up with medical breakthroughs that the world can never comprehend. He invests in Swasth India, a Mumbai-based healthcare start-up, founded by two IIT MBA grads, Sandeep Kapila and Ankur Pega.

When TATA straps the buckles, it is impossible to stop him. His love for cars had even probed him to step into the automobile industry and revolutionise it for good. The 77 year old transforms into a 22 year old brat when he takes the wheels. Oh wait. Will he take his Ferrari or Cadillac XLR or Maserati Quattroporte or his favourite Jaguar XFR? He retires and writes the cheque for and encourages the desi boys to know their car before they buy it!

A concept that maybe far-fetched for a 70-year old, gets TATA excited. He invests in Paytm, a mobile wallet and takes a good look at his cell phone while installing the app. When the world watches Apple and Samsung on a battle-spree, TATA takes the back exit and invests in Xiomi, a Chinese smartphone brand.

There is more to come from India’s business tycoon. If we expected him to sip his tea in his mansion and take an afternoon walk and play shuttle with his mates in the evening, BOY! How wrong were we?

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