Should Big Data and IoT say Thank you to Cloud computing?

Is there any relation between IoT, big data and cloud computing? If it exists, why cloud is an important piece in the architecture which will make the other 2 technologies grow exponentially? As you know Big data is basically to analyse the huge amount of data and make sense out of it and IoT is internet of things or connected devices. These technologies are becoming a norm now as cloud has proved to be an amalgamation ground for it.

Concept of IoT and Big data are fundamentally there available for quite long now. They may still sound quite fascinating however have become a reality and very soon will see them becoming a norm. Like a sci-fi technology if we were aware about this concept long back, why didn’t it happen 10-15 years back?

Big data as a concept was always on the cards in the ecosphere of database technology. It was part of the curriculum in college and would have been considered as the next big thing. Still it was available only conceptually and in books. Reason? Pre-requisites of hardware and software which can handle petabytes of data for analysing purpose was not available. Response which is anticipated from the black box is in few seconds, earlier while doing the processing of big data could take weeks or in worst cases months.

And then entered the cloud. Techies started doing the testing on private cloud as it was considered safer bet and also more robust. With the public cloud providers joining in the race and soon leading in it, interest in big data (like Hadoop and equivalent) has increased multi-fold. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google which are the providers of big data have a huge contribution in this. They are the ones who have scaled it up like never before.

IoT has a different story, to connect the actuators or sensors and getting a feedback is there available for a long time. NASA is doing it since 50 years. They are collecting key data from the rockets and getting some conclusion based on the figures in quick time. However, what was the reason why only companies like NASA were doing it and now its envisaged soon IoT will become a norm? Answer is price. With so much focus and its great usability in sight and also major players spending good amount of money in its R&D, price of doing so has come down to a stage where everything from our thermostats to our washing machines will now be connected to our friendly internet.

Overall summation is we are in the process of automating these sensor devices using smart grids, learning systems, and data collection to do the analysis, we have to use public clouds to make the application of IoT technology easy on our pocket.

Its easy to say with the advent of running it on cloud, there is a definite cost efficiency achieved by IoT and big data. To become anything realistic for a common man, it has to be affordable. Once affordable it doesn’t take much time to be accepted by masses if usability is of this nature.

In near future, if you get your health report or electricity bill or health check report of your smart driverless car you would know cloud has major contribution to make it happen and make it so seamless in our life. What do you say, isn’t it a natural evolution of technology?

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