How to make your product GO VIRAL!

Off-lately instances of hearing the products going viral is quite frequent. In this article we have covered what is the secret recipe which makes it happen. Is it a piece of luck or a good strategy? Answer is the later one. If certain fundamental rules are followed, chances of getting the attention and that too at rapid speed becomes high. If you have seen the movie “Social Network”, product when first launched in college, it caught the attention like a wildfire. Off-course in the product itself basic ingredients were there which made it happen.

If product has the capacity to go viral, don’t forget it gives you a huge benefit in terms of reduced marketing budget. This makes it all the more special to make something and make it Go Viral.

It’s not only the reach on digital space which propagates the name fast, its actually the word of mouth marketing which plays a dramatic role in carrying the product name from one place to another quite rapidly.

You are all ears now to hear which are those bullet points – lets run the checklist which will help you in selling your credible solution at top gear!

#1 Does it have the social appeal?

If Facebook is the country, it is the most populous nation! Can you beat that! If product has liking toward the social world, chances that people will like & share details about you at rapid pace. People want to stay ahead in the race, hence the quickness and the huge volumes help in creating ripples fast. First waves can be created leveraging the social front.

#2 Do the users keep on coming back to you every now and then?

Maximum mobile audience keeps on checking the Facebook at-east couple of times during the day. It is quite addictive and is a big temptation which brings the user back on the application again and again. Is your product such which does the same magic? Like Uber, Airbnb, google etc…If your product has the same stickiness, you can be sure to get lot of word of mouth marketing and most importantly you will get the loyal customers.

#3 Does it connect at emotional level?

This point is quite hard to achieve, is the service provided so powerful that it can brighten anyone’s day or rescue you if things look puzzled? You are having a bad day, after checking out this ‘xyz’ service it brings a smile making you forget about the hard part during the day. Buzzfeed is one example which comes to my mind while drafting this article, you are likely to come across articles which will make you laugh.

#4 Do you stand apart from the crowd?

Right from your logo to the product & service offering, maintain a proper differentiation. It’s always better to lead the pack rather than follow the herd. Increase your visibility, automatically it’s going to improve if your basic traits are different from others. Don’t compromise on any part in terms of quality and make sure to look different.

#5 Does it offer any practical solution?

Practicality should be embedded in the product, question should be asked if the solution offered is practical, it brings some benefit to the end user. This will help tremendously in word of mouth marketing.

#6 Each product has a story to share!

Is there any interesting story attached in developing the product or some story exists with every customer if they walk out from the store buying your product like customer service or the product packing etc. Stories travel fast and have long shelf life too.

These are 2 cents from our end, we are keen to hear it from you as well about your experiences on it. In case you are on a look out of Digital marketing company in Gurgaon which can help you in taking the message about your brand in digital community at rapid pace, don’t forget to give a buzz to Webfries @ +91 124-4379-633. You can also reach us at

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