Top 10 must have Website Quality checks your website needs.

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You have a great looking website in place, it’s very important to understand if proper quality checks are done and if things which are hidden on the site which you can easily miss are creating problems. As wisely said, all that glitters is not gold, similarly website that has the spark may have some deficiencies behind it. Not to worry, we have listed few quality checks which you can do on your site.

  • Every URL should be in place
    One of the most often missed out issue – Are all the URL’s on my website valid? Are there broken links which I am not aware of? Check it thoroughly using manual approach by carefully visiting each and very link else take the help of technology (Google webmaster) and dig out the broken links and repair them
  • Is my site loved by Google
    Are pages indexed? Is Meta description, title, H1 etc. in place? Most importantly am I using green content on the site? There are online tools available to check all these aspects.
  • Error logs are important to understand
    Get a catch-hold of errors log file from the hosting provider, it provides tremendous information in terms of issues exists on the site. If you are a technical person, resolve the issues with priority else get a web developer support in mitigating the issues. CMS now a days are pretty intelligent, they also generate error log files for your easy reference.
  • Crawlers don’t crawl on my web pages
    Just by mistake did I seize crawling from google bots on the site? Regular checking of crawl errors on Google webmaster is quite important. In case any sort of crawl error is found out, fix it on time.
  • Is contact form helping me to connect with visitors?
    All sites almost have the contact form, you will be surprised to know good percentage of sites have faulty contact form. Either functionality doesn’t work properly or mail is not going to the right recipient. Hope that your website don’t fall in this category. It’s worth a check.
  • Is my website responsive across devices and works beautifully across different browsers
    As the heading suggest, now a day’s website has to be responsive and it should load fine across different browsers. If issues exist, only way out is to fix it.
  • How good is the coding?
    There are free online tools to check how good the coding part is, are there issues related to html, CSS etc. If issues are in plenty, rope in a good developer and sort them out without wasting time.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
    This point doesn’t need too much of explanation, spelling and grammatical errors are a big turn off. Period.
  • Does it quickly load?
    Website now a days should be light – not everywhere internet connectivity is good. If it takes ages to load, high possibility is there visitor will move on to the other website in no time. Each visitor loss is a gain for your competition.
  • Navigation should be like a butter
    Is the visitor getting lost while navigating the site? If answer is yes, measures are required to correct the menu bar, clear categories/ headings should be formed. Breadcrumbs must be used. At no point of time, any visitor at your site should not feel lost.

Webfries is a website development company in Gurgaon and take above measures before launch of any customer sites.

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