Web designing trends anticipated in Y2017, Story continued…

This article is the next and the last piece on very interesting topic which is being discussed in the web developer’s community that what is the trend envisaged in industry and should not be missed. We covered 6 important trends we expect to be part of website design in coming months in our earlier article. In this article, we have covered few more.

#7 You are going to see more Vivid colors

So far, we were seeing safe colors being used on the site like blue, green, grey, black etc. It has been seen off lately that brands have started experimenting more with the usage of colors. You are likely to see more over saturated shades along-with exciting hues and a revival in the use of gradients. With retina display and other advanced technologies, displays have become more apt in reproducing these rich colors.

Advantages are multi-fold, who dare to be different generally gets the maximum attention of visitors. You can expect to see more rich & bright color palettes in creatives going forward, namely photography, illustration and other user interface designs.

It may not be a bad idea for startup to create their UI with vivid color scheme. It may work as a differentiator for them and help in chartering the way forward.

#8 Grid and Card UI’s will make the website structure

We have seen in 2016 that more and more websites have started adopting Grid layout because of its inherent advantages. One more trend which we have started seeing is the usage of card based UI’s. It’s there in the web world for some time now however it has been popularized tremendously by Pinterest. In this sort of design content portions comes in individual cards which are easy to be navigate. Visitors check the cards of interest and discarding the ones which are not of their liking. It’s a great way of accommodating good amount of content on the screen and perfectly fits in the environment of responsive fundamentals.

#9 More acceptance to Parallax styling

Parallax designing has become a known subject now, there is good amount of acceptance which exist for it. This trend is likely to see more growth in next 12 months as well. Parallax has allowed the sites to be very creative and responsive at the same time. Page runs like a story where it becomes more interesting with each scroll. There is a better sense of interaction when parallax design is adopted.

Proper precedence has been defined and in future its likely to get a further boost in adoptability.

These are the trend setters we hope that will be part of website designing culture in 2017. What do you think? For any web designing and web development work required as per the latest market trends and technology, ping us @ | +91 124-4382-633.

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