5 signs that your website may need a makeover!!!

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Hey, is your website sounding sad? Let’s check out 5 signs that your website may need a makeover

In our last blog we shared points what are the designing parameters being considered by the website in 2015, in this blog we are checking reasons to evaluate if your existing website needs a revamp so as to make it as per the latest trends. Your website is your face towards the customers who connect to you digitally hence it’s important to keep your website improvisation proper.

With website revamp we don’t mean only the change in look and feel of it, there are some very important aspects should be addressed so that penny spent by you has the maximum utilization – Are the functionalities end to end working properly which includes every form, search etc., look and feel of-course, is it loading quickly, and can you change the content of your own etc.

So now let’s run the list and check out if your website is feeling happy ☺ or sad☹.

  • First thing first, is the website responsive?– No rocket science left in it that now a day’s website is being checked on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, different browsers etc., and website should be easily viewed across any device any Browser without changing the experience. Google is also quite vocal about it and this message has come from the top that websites which are not responsive may be penalized sooner or later especially the E-Commerce ones. If this feature is not right, high time you set it right today.
  • Do you regularly update it? – Are you updating the site on frequent basis? If No and reason is that your website is on HTML and you find it difficult to update it on your own it’s a good question to be answered it website should be revamped and the revised one comes with Content Management System (CMS). Repeat visitors prefer to visit the site which has updated content and they get latest information. This is a great way to have loyal customers.
  • How good is the loading speed? – If your website is loading in more than 5 seconds, there is a high probability visitors are moving out from the site in no time. Website should be optimized really well so that end users remain hooked up. Data providers especially don’t allow high throughput, if website loads faster on handheld device, it will help in retaining the visitors.
  • Are visitors checking out inside pages? – There is a big concern if visitors are just coming to the home page and not visiting other inside pages. Pages should be connected well and they should have the value that end users are tempted to check the corners of the site. If website lags in this aspect, it’s important to analyze the content and website structure – If issues exist, they must be rectified.
  • Gosh, why number of visitors on my site are reducing? – If this question is giving you sleepless nights, answer most likely will lie on the fact that content in the first go needs a major overhaul. If Search rankings are also slipping, take this point into serious consideration. This may or may not be primarily be needing complete website overhaul however content overhaul certainly needs a serious glance.

In the end decision lie with you, if website should be revamped or not. If you have the feeling it needs a makeover, get in touch with a website development company in your area and have a quick decision with them. They can give a good insight about the changes it requires. It will allow you to make a decision if small tweaks will do the trick or major overhaul is required.

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