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Take Advantage of the Benefits offered by a CMS, to Power your Website

Posted by Webfries on 21 June, 2017 No Comments

Are you a business owner looking to set-up a website for your brand? As you begin to set up your web presence, you’re faced with some hard choices like – whether to implement a Content Management System (CMS) for your site or to take the manual, hand-coded route.
Before CMSes became popular, web developers had to hand-code the web pages on their machines and upload them via an FTP program to the server. Once, this process is complete, the content is made available on the websites. If a developer had to modify anything, then they would have to redo the whole process all over again. read more

Make your Designs Stellar with Fonts that go Hand-in-hand

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Can you believe that 95% of graphic design depends on “Typography”? Yep, fonts can either make or break your entire website or poster. You may have carefully selected the layout of your site, chosen the perfect colour scheme, but if your fonts are wrong, you can be sure that people aren’t going to read it. Consider fonts as the all-powerful magical wand that can make a brand instantly recognisable. read more

10 Sure-Fire Copywriting Tips to Boost your Brand Image Quickly

Posted by Webfries on 29 May, 2017 No Comments

Whether you’re a start-up owner or a seller on eBay or the marketing head of a giant corporate, there’s something in common for businesses of all statures and nature. They all rely on – words. Yes, words are the most valuable tool in your marketing kit. They can make or break the tonnes of money you spent on an ad. read more

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A Head to Head Comparison of the Two Giants of Web Development: PHP Vs

Posted by Webfries on 18 May, 2017 No Comments

Welcome to a battle of epic proportions! Yep, in today’s post, we are rolling up our sleeves, to find the answer to a pressing debate that has been raging for years. Of course, we are speaking about “PHP Vs.”.
On the one hand, we have PHP, undoubtedly the most popular scripting language among web developers with millions of die-hard fans. On the contrary, we have, a Microsoft supported platform that runs on any .NET language. read more

5 Clever Ways Small Businesses & Startups can Harness the Potential of Big Data

Posted by Webfries on 10 May, 2017 No Comments

Staggering Volumes of Data Rule the Roost

Studies estimate that by 2020, the world will have generated 40 trillion gigabytes of data. That is roughly equivalent to 5,200 GB for every human being on this planet. In simpler terms, we are witnessing an explosion of data like never before. This enormous volume of data is creating an ocean of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Companies must embrace big data if they wish to survive in the cut-throat competition of today. read more

Custom Web Development Vs Template Design – How to Choose the Right one for your Website?

Posted by Webfries on 27 April, 2017 No Comments

If there’s one thing that’s common among business owners all over the world, then it’s this question, that’s always running through their minds, “How do I make my business more profitable?” As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for new innovative ways to cut down operational costs and to increase revenue. read more

The Increasing Role of AI & Automation and What it means to the Web Design Industry

Posted by Webfries on 17 April, 2017 No Comments

Every now and then, a new technology sweeps the field of web design and leaves everyone stunned. Be it CSS, progressive enhancement or of late responsive design, they overthrew existing practices and built something totally new. The latest entrant is automated web design – yes, building apps and sites automatically with the help of AI. read more

Why does your E-Commerce store require a Responsive Design?

Posted by Webfries on 7 April, 2017 No Comments

If you were to conduct an impromptu survey among your target audience, you would be astounded by the number of people who use their mobile phones as their primary computing device.

In fact, studies state that more than one-third of all mobile users conduct all their work on their handheld device and this includes shopping. read more

Top 10 Reasons Why Visitors don’t Purchase from your Website

Posted by Webfries on 27 March, 2017 No Comments

Selling online is like fishing – there are tens of thousands of fishermen aka online sellers out there, casting their hooks into the massive ocean of consumers. So, how do you ensure that you catch the right fish every time you cast out your line? Any seasoned fisherman will let you know that using the right bait, the right hook and above all fishing at the right spot is essential to land a good haul. Similarly, when it comes to selling your products or services online, the right website with the right design is crucial in converting visitors into buyers read more

10 WordPress Design Trends that you must Embrace in 2017

Posted by Webfries on 17 March, 2017 No Comments

Astonishingly, a single firm has a strong hold over 59% market shares in Content Management Systems and powers a whopping 76 million sites worldwide as of now. Yes, we are talking about the all powerful, Wordpress, the undisputed leader when it comes to website design. Every year, WordPress comes with new and incredible features that draw in developers like a magnet. Last year, we came across a few new WordPress Trends like the one-page sites and hamburger menus... read more

Hey! Let’s understand the difference between CMS and PHP Framework.

Posted by Webfries on 15 Feb, 2017 No Comments

While developing a dynamic website you come across the question what should be the right pick technology for it – CMS or PHP framework. In this blog piece we have shared what they mean and what are the differences which you must consider while selecting the appropriate technology for your business website... read more

Consider these tips while hiring a web Designer for your next website (Part-2)

Posted by Webfries on 21 Jan, 2017 No Comments

Last week we touched upon a very interesting topic i.e. which are the parameters you can consider while hiring a web developer. We share 6 important points so far and in this week, we are going to share couple of more important considerations. If followed well and using your judgement, chances to go wrong are almost close to Nil. Let’s check the furthermore points:.. read more

Consider these tips while hiring a web Designer for your next website

Posted by Webfries on 12 Jan, 2017 No Comments

While awarding any web development project to any provider, you must have some checklist in mind. It’s an important decision to pick the right vendor for your job else things go haywire from the word go. Website creation though is not a rocket science however things go jittery if not handled properly from the start. Now a day with advent of supporting tools even non-technical people can come up with great looking websites however to find one is a tricky part. First question you need to answer is if Freelancer is the choice or full-fledged company would suffice your requirement. Chances to get cheaper solutions are high with former association however be prepared to handle the one-man army and quality may not be up to the mark in all aspects of the website. Second choice may give you a better solution however be ready to spend slightly higher amount considering set of team members work on it. We have prepared a comprehensive list of queries, answers to them should enable you to boil down to the shortlisted vendor. Right decision will enable you to save money, and the time... read more

Let’s understand the advantages of using Bootstrap!

Posted by Webfries on 27 Dec, 2016 No Comments

Acceptability of mobile phones is growing at an exponential rate, technology is evolving at the same or rather faster rate to allow this switch over from desktop machines to handheld devices. In this leap, web development is also improving at a rapid pace and bootstrap framework is leading the pack in innovations. It’s a front-end web designing technology using HTML, CSS and very own JavaScript. It is evolved to an open source technology with a great support base. In a layman’s language, bootstrap technology allows website and app to be responsive across different devices... read more

SEO Tools available online at your disposal for FREE!

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Is there a free lunch available? Answer is yes (though few times only ;-)). Google algorithm for search is becoming complex with every new update and its becoming more accurate. Its fetching the results very accurately as per the user search needs. SEO specialists are trying hard to keep the pace and keeping them abreast with the updates. There are plenty of premium products available which are making life easier for fellows however they burn the pocket as well. Big brands can afford it however majority of them rely on the solutions which are quite handy and comes for free. Yeah you read it right, there are plenty of very good tools available online which serves the purpose quite good majority of times and you don’t have to pay a penny to use them... read more

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Do you know the differences between static and dynamic websites?

Posted by Webfries on 30 Nov, 2016 No Comments

Quite often we are asked the question from our potential leads in Gurgaon that what is the difference in static websites and dynamic websites. Though this question seems to be a straight forward one to many especially from web development field but our experience suggest that wider audience have heard these terms but not exactly are knowing the differences. There are millions of websites running in the digital world and just by having a single glance may not allow you to understand it’s from which category. Thumb rule followed by most of the individuals to differentiate is that if looks quite basic they feel it must be a static site and if its jazzy or of some big brand it must be a dynamic website. This notion is not true always. Let’s understand in this article how to differentiate them... read more

Web designing trends anticipated in Y2017, Story continued…

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This article is the next and the last piece on very interesting topic which is being discussed in the web developer’s community that what is the trend envisaged in industry and should not be missed. We covered 6 important trends we expect to be part of website design in coming months in our earlier article. In this article, we have covered few more... read more

Web designing trends anticipated in Y2017

Posted by Webfries on 15 Nov, 2016 No Comments

This year remained an interesting year in terms of which web designing trends evolved and in all likelihood trend is going be carried forward in next 12 months. There are couple of areas where it is anticipated users may not be going for it on their website and there are few which will remain part of web trend for sure. Technology is evolving and so are the designers, developers. They are picking the new trends with enthusiasm and as an end result, customer is getting benefitted from it. Let’s check out the web trends we are anticipating to become part of the websites being launched in next 12 months... read more

Checklist of roles you can’t ignore in any Successful Web Development Project

Posted by Webfries on 03 Nov, 2016 No Comments

I am a diehard fan of cricket, while growing up in school and during college days I was an active participant in the ‘Team’. It took me no time understand it’s a team sport and single handed I can do limited things. To get best results, culmination of team best effort only can deliver the results which are good and on consistent basis. If everything is on the shoulder of one person or its expected single person will yield results for the team always-I would have been living in the fairy’s world. When I stepped in the Corporate world, I realized again it’s a team effort which makes your company and you a winner. Better the team, better are the results expected. And you need a leader giving the right direction to the team... read more

How website culture varies from country to country!

Posted by Webfries on 20 Oct, 2016 No Comments

Webfries is in the business of Website designing, mobile App development, digital marketing etc. from last 3+ years, we have had several challenges to overcome before reaching to the top position in the Web Agencies serving the customers both in India as well as abroad. This post is drafted sharing our experiences like what were the main challenges we faced and how we overcame them to become what we are now. This article will be very handy to anyone who is planning to enter in this domain... read more

How to make your product GO VIRAL!

Posted by Webfries on 16 Sept, 2016 No Comments

Off-lately instances of hearing the products going viral is quite frequent. In this article we have covered what is the secret recipe which makes it happen. Is it a piece of luck or a good strategy? Answer is the later one. If certain fundamental rules are followed, chances of getting the attention and that too at rapid speed becomes high. If you have seen the movie “Social Network”, product when first launched in college, it caught the attention like a wildfire. Off-course in the product itself basic ingredients were there which made it happen... read more

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Are you a Start-up? What should you do get the attention! (Part-2)

Posted by Webfries on 02 Sept, 2016 No Comments

Thanks for such an encouraging response to our last blog, in continuation of it we have shared further more points which will make your marketing efforts more robust and more meaningful. Without wasting any more time, lets run the golden bullets:... read more

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Are you a Start-up? What should you do get the attention! (Part-1)

Posted by Webfries on 10 Aug, 2016 No Comments

Start-up culture is mushrooming fast in Indian subcontinent and ideas have started becoming a reality. Generally, if idea is good and traction comes for their product offering, it is expected that company should grow fast across the different geographies. Marketing cost is to be controlled so that with limited fuel company can grow fast in different territories with wisely decided marketing budget... read more

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Business of Web Designing in India - Challenges and Solution

Posted by Webfries on 03 Aug, 2016 No Comments

Webfries is in the business of Website designing, mobile App development, digital marketing etc. from last 3+ years, we have had several challenges to overcome before reaching to the top position in the Web Agencies serving the customers both in India as well as abroad. This post is drafted sharing our experiences like what were the main challenges we faced and how we overcame them to become what we are now. This article will be very handy to anyone who is planning to enter in this domain... read more

Notes on testing the web applications

Posted by Webfries on 21 July, 2016 No Comments

If any web application developed doesn’t follow the stringent and comprehensive test schedule, it’s bound to face lot of bugs later on. Thorough testing in any project is very important. It makes the final product bugs free and gives a great user experience overall. Testing procedure has few mandatory checklist items which are covered in this article. .. read more

Should Big Data and IoT say Thank you to Cloud computing?

Posted by Webfries on 11 July, 2016 No Comments

Is there any relation between IoT, big data and cloud computing? If it exists, why cloud is an important piece in the architecture which will make the other 2 technologies grow exponentially? As you know Big data is basically to analyse the huge amount of data and make sense out of it and IoT is internet of things or connected devices. These technologies are becoming a norm now as cloud has proved to be an amalgamation ground for it... read more

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Can a human designer be replaced with the advent of artificial intelligence?

Posted by Webfries on 28 June, 2016 No Comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken off like never before – As per Moore’s law, chips are getting better (dense) with every passing 24 months and robots are becoming smarter with time. Writing is on the wall that by end of next decade lot of jobs in different sectors will be catered by the machines. While reading on the topic, I had an urge to check if AI will have an impact in designing arena as well. Sounds too sci-fi however worth checking it. Its glaring evident now in a decade’s time, designing field will not remain untouched with AI for long. Companies have started evolving it and plan is very much ON to take it the next level from the CMS (Content Management System) platform which is available... read more

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How to embed Search Engine Optimization into your WordPress website?

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It gives an awesome feeling when you get the WordPress website made which looks amazingly good, your friends appreciate it and best part is you can change the content in future as per your whims and fancies. Life is so good now, isn’t? But just wait, does the site loved by google crawlers? Do they want to index it well on the search listings? ... read more

Commonly made Website Design Mistakes that you should avoid!

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To make Err is human, however if those can easily be avoided, you must plan to get them rectified. Your company website which is face for your brand in online world should be without flaws (at-least known ones). Flaws doesn’t mean problems which exist in grammar or spelling mistakes, it’s the important ones which we are talking about. Without wasting much time, let’s review what the design mistakes which you must avoid on your website... read more

Hey! Add your personal flavour in the website you own

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Does your website talk? Is it reflecting the personality you have as an individual? You have a colourful soul, is your website equally portraying that? We as a web development company in Gurgaon picks up the website designing project with the assurance to deliver 100% results as per the customer satisfaction, however there are few instances where customer feels output is falling short by some distance. We then understand more about the end user and try to replicate the personality of them on the site, it’s been seen in majority of the cases website is gladly accepted by the end user... read more

How to create an Awesome UX on E-Commerce platform?

Posted by Webfries on 29 April, 2016 No Comments

Internet world is with full of E-commerce platforms now, majority of products and services have started selling on digital world. Importance of it doesn’t need any mention. Packed space doesn’t mean that tricks of the trade are very common. It still takes a lot from the designer and developer to come up with great results and create a unique identity in the domain. There are multiple things considered while developing an e-commerce site right from design, development, keeping it safe and secure, rugged hosting etc. These silent features make your website speak loud in the cluttered market and ultimately making you a winner. read more

Social Media Practices you can consider for Boosting the SEO

Posted by Webfries on 14 April, 2016 No Comments

Social media and SEO are the two key approaches through which a business can be identified uniquely in the market. Boosting SEO for your site has a great intervention and association with the social media practices. Brand growth and website search optimization, both can tremendously be increased by practicing the skilled use of social media. As there is a great increase in the number of social media users, this has increased the ability to boost the SEO of any website which can further affect the Google ranking positively. The following practices are found to be successful for boosting the SEO of your website. read more

Optimizing techniques for your next Email Marketing Campaign

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We have numerous digital marketing ways to get the customers on board, do you know email campaigning is still one of the most effective ways to get the best output for every penny you are planning to spend. If visitor/ customer has signed up for the newsletter by visiting your site, it means your website, products and services have a relevance in their mind, now with regular newsletters to them will make sure that in their next related purchase you are on top of the list amongst the providers. However, job is made easier but still not completed. Optimize your email marketing campaigns well so that you get the best out of time and money which you are going to offer, we have suggested some of the best optimizing means which you must consider next time. read more


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Presence of live chat on an ecommerce website is like a receptionist sitting at a company office or a salesman standing at the doorway in the brick and mortar shop. Enabling live chat functionality on your website allows customers to chat pertaining to your business in a real-time basis to ask queries, get information and build assurance during their shopping experience, while improving conversion rates for your business. It is mandatory that live chat agents cooperating on live chat should be well qualified about the in-house services or products which are being offered through the site. Live chat plays a major role in hand holding the customers while they navigate across the website trying to find products of their interest. read more

No TATA to start-up’s

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India’s pride, an ethical and principle oriented entrepreneur has picked up the torch to lead the start-up movement following Modi. A man who believes indian products demand a global recognition, has been setting up business meets with collared teas and patched jeans to hear their story. The multi-millionaire who glorified indian economics, swirls around to build yet another fort playing with young cards. If you have an idea, simply email him and you might get a chance to meet and impress the genius himself. read more

Navigation bar – Makes or breaks website UX

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This is the most overlooked designing phenomenon overall. Designers have taken deeper plunge into designing aspects and usage of the right colours, very recently and the virtual transportation across the site, might need far more insistence. Your organic visitors tend to dump your website forever in case they feel lost and not seem to GPS they wish to be. Use simple navigation tricks to have your visitor waltz around your site comfortably. read more

WordPress websites security overview

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This is probably the worst nightmare of any web developer. You have created one hell of a website and there can be one-night lamb that can keep you awake past midnight – is my locker and my website safe? To answer your first doubt, please open a bank account and to answer your second doubt, follow the steps and erect an iron wall around your site. read more

Best UI, UX Tools which can’t be ignored by a Designer

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Website development services in Gurgaon

User Interface and User Experience play a key role in your viewers’ instant judgement about the website. The digital presence of a brand and its impact is ruthlessly dependant on these two factors. While user interface are two balls of the same court, it is important for them to synchronise their way through the viewer’s mind to create a memorable online experience. While coders have been playing with interesting tools to surprise their web visitors, there are 5 such tools that can undoubtedly win repeated clicks for you! read more

Colour tips to consider while designing an awesome website

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Website designing company in Gurgaon

We can associate colour with an emotion, for example, I feel blue. Colours play a dominant role in our daily life, starting from top or tee we pick for the day. Why do we pick a certain shade a certain day? It has been proved that the colour of the garment we choose directly reflects our persistent mood for the whole day. Have you had that one friend whom you have never seen in any other colour except black? As gothic it may sound, this person may tend to be a closed book who has very few words to say. Keeping this in mind, how important do colours play a role in the website you are building - a mighty big one. read more

Why integration of Social Media with your website is important?

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Social Media optimization company in Gurgaon

Stay put at the spot where there is crowd irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a well established concern; to elaborate further, the crowd being your potential market. Since social media has ideally consumed its way through our lives and has become one with our sandwich, tea and cookies, we can label it as a basic need. All media platforms show a person’s presumed closed knit circle in one click. What more do you need? Even human being has varying degrees of self obsession and social media is a great outlet to promote oneself as an individual. How does your brand fit in these self-oriented online communities? read more

Web designing trends expected in Y2016

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Is it just me or we are done with website designing in the most mediocre fashion with the most predictable formula. Hello to all my geeky friends, as a typical 20-hour browser and clueless about web dynamics, I invite you to take a good read at website designing trends that will be bloom in the year 2016. Be prepared for lot of changes to impress the next-gen-internet-addicts. read more

Common Mistakes Done By Web Developers

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Probably the most saturated job in India. “Hi, I am a web developer”. Well what else is new? “I have 5 years of experience” So do 1200 engineers joined the same course 5 years ago. This field requires immense experience and continuous learning and however, why does the customer experience lacks a 5 star rating? What are the top 5 common mistakes done by these engineers that make the users click the X in less than few minutes? read more

What works best in Digital Marketing today?

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Digital Marketing company in Gurgaon

Y2015 belonged to Digital Marketing, on a global level it has gained the acceptance of a very effective means of marketing and reaching out to the customers. There are surplus activities being done by marketers based on their understanding-some remains effective and some remains an eye wash. We have prepared list of digital marketing activities checklist which has proven to be very effective in reaching out your target segment. read more


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Your website is very attractive and you have awesome newsletters to share every month however challenge you face is that you don’t have enough email ID’s subscribed on the site. Reasons? Are you offering enough freebies which tempt the potential readers to subscribe for the newsletter? Are you providing temptations like some important download, usage of calculator, report or a promo code for discount? read more

Ingredients of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Digital marketing has become an important term in Digital dictionary. What exactly is Digital Marketing? As per Wikipedia “It is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.” There are lot of activities required in it to make it a complete package. Let’s run the most important ones which you can use in the campaigns and get customers in plenty for your products and services... read more

Top 10 must have Website Quality checks your website needs

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You have a great looking website in place, it’s very important to understand if proper quality checks are done and if things which are hidden on the site which you can easily miss are creating problems. As wisely said, all that glitters is not gold, similarly website that has the spark may have some deficiencies behind it. Not to worry, we have listed few quality checks which you can do on your site... read more

Designing Principles for Watches & Wearables

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Technology is not only about new applications, wires or fancy camera the appearance and design of the product play a vital role in the success of a product. In short the products design should be glance able. The term is used a little differently for the watches and wearables. Glance ability doesn’t necessarily mean to reduce the interface to the basic level with just simple visual feedback; it means to figure out the real needs and wants of the user or the wearer. Interaction with the wearables is mostly dependent on the other senses such as looking, hearing, and feeling. Many designers think that the output and input function of a wearable or a watch is non- visual in today’s date..... read more

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How to check if your website is Mobile Friendly?

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Responsive Web Development services

Today, more individuals are getting to the Internet on their tablets and advanced cell phones. Today's web user could be, actually from anyplace. They may be searching your site from the traveler seat of a moving vehicle, strolling down the road, or holding up in line at a store. They could be utilizing one of a large number of diverse devices. The one thing that they will all have in like manner is that they will have little persistence for a clunky site. So company web sites must be accessible from device of any size. There are many website development company in India, who are extremely capable in creating responsive designs, mobile friendly websites, table-less designs and animation based designs.... read more

Why do Programmers love coffee?

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Web Development

Almost every 2nd individual is in love with coffee or tea. It is obvious to get addicted with coffee as it can reveal stress, sharpen your focus, helps you to stay alert for long and makes yourself fresh instantly. Now a day’s coffee is one of the essential parts of the programmer’s culture. If you remember java logo than you might be aware with the coffee cup image portrayed on it... read more

How wearables are changing our lives?

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Web Development

Couple of years back if somebody would have suggested that small device stripped on the wrist can be used for talking, surfing interesting articles, monitoring your heart beats it would have sounded straight out from a sci-fi scene. If this question is asked today, it will sound a normal thing... read more

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Very recently biggest news in Web world came from none other than “Google”. Google stocks will be reassigned to a new holding entity which is Alphabet. Don’t miss checking the domain name, very interesting indeed. What is the core reason for making such a move considering world over Google is considered synonym of Search and people know the brand by heart?... read more

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The Internet of Things - Perhaps a greater Jump than Mobiles!!!

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Internet of things

Analysts and Gurus are predicting that opportunity size for connected devices would be between 20 billion to 30 billion units. This sort of sheer size makes it important to understand what is Internet of things (IOT) and world over tech companies are going gaga over it... read more

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How can start up’s best utilize the Digital Marketing?

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Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon


Let’s start with WHAT is digital marketing- Digital marketing can be defined as a function that broadly deals with tactics to involve customers with online promotion. To deliver favorable content, value and achieve customer relationships, digital marketing creates an ongoing, automatic relationship between brands and their audience. Lot of times digital marketing companies bank on blogs and social media essentials in their websites to get the traffic. PC’s, Lappies , tablets and smartphones play an vital role in digital marketing... read more

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5 signs that your website may need a makeover!!!

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website revamping

Hey, is your website sounding sad? Let’s check out 5 signs that your website may need a makeover

In our last blog we shared points what are the designing parameters being considered by the website in 2015, in this blog we are checking reasons to evaluate if your existing website needs a revamp so as to make it as per the latest trends. Your website is your face towards the customers who connect to you digitally hence it’s important to keep your website improvisation proper... read more

Top 8 advantages of Digital Marketing

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digital marketing company in gurgaon

If you are a business owner and think digital marketing is not of much use to you, it’s a very high time you shall give serious consideration to it again.

It’s noteworthy to share that AD spending on the digital world is more than advertising on television and cable networks. More and more consumers are connecting with their favourite brands through different digital marketing channels... read more

What it takes to have an Ooomph effect on your website!

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Web Development company in gurgaon

We are in mid Y2015 and from last 6 quarters websites in making are seeing a trend, this is adding spice in it and looks are very much in. Below factors if considered add lot of zeal on the website. Website designing and development has just not remained a Web developer’s job, now graphic designer, content writer also play a very significant role in the team. Each font, color, structure etc. has a relevance. Let’s see what it takes to have an Ooomph effect on your website!... read more

Workplace collaboration – Can you rely on Chat Apps!

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Website Development company in gurgaon

Organizations are looking for means to collaborate more and more effectively so as to get maximum utilization out from each team member. With so much data flowing around between team members in the form of mails and cloud storage, it’s becoming a challenge to keep a proper track of who’s who of every bit and byte. Digital world has several cloud storage companies and on top of them file sync players are making it more competitive landscape. It’s worse when it boils down to the price cuts to acquire the customers. Let’s check out in which direction work collaboration features are evolving... read more

5 Reasons your business needs a website, today !!!

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Website Designing and Development

You have a local business and you are happy catering to your reasonably profitable customer base. Word of mouth is your biggest advertising media and you rely on you loyal customers to spread that for you. Your marketing strategy is limited to a few hundred of pamphlets and one or two sign-boards, read more

Evolution of the startup ecosystem in India

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startup evolution

The startup ecosystem of India is changing day by day and this evolution has caught the fancy of the investors worldwide. Every now and then, a success story like ‘Postman’, Flipkart etc. find its way to the first page of the business newspapers. The land holds more promises and this evolution will result in raising of more giants... read more

Does Google prefer Brands

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We would have loved to keep in your own sweet paradise of the dream world and would have out rightly said, “No, Google loves all, brands and others alike”. But we are your well-wisher and would like you to wake up to the truth, which is, Google prefers Brands. Period... read more

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Social Media and Technology

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Social Media

Social media and technology have transformed into the new-age superheroes that have mind-boggling powers which when used properly will have an incredible effect on your business. Enough to cement a brand’s complete attribute and temperament whereas giving a platform of engagement with customers, each will boost sales and promotional activities and produce unmatched results... read more

5 branding mistakes by startups

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You are the new kid on the block, the latest addition to the ever increasing list of startups. You have big dreams and want your brand to be one of the greatest. When you ponder about best branding, Coca Cola’s distinguishing red and white lettering, Adidas’s three stripes, Nike’s swoosh likely come to mind. But you are a small business, thinking about the huge level of investment that’s been poured into these iconic images can make the thought of undertaking your own branding initiative seem prodigious... read more

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Color Your Balance Sheet – part II

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online business

In the first part, we covered the reasons how the color of your office and stores affects productivity, purchasing decisions and customer loyalty. Now, let’s have a look at what do the different colors mean and what are the different effects they have... read more

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3 Reasons to Start Product Business Online

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online business

2015 is all set to go down in the history of Internet revolution as the year of ‘true globalization’. You will need to prepare yourself well in advance, if you wish to jump on the bandwagon. Let us explore the 3 reasons why ‘now’ is the time to kick-start a physical product business online... read more

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Color your Balance sheet : How colors can give your Business An Edge

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Your office is about to get a new coat of paint or your retail space is undergoing redesigning, there are lots of thing to keep in mind and your facilities department is in constant touch with the vendor to get the job done. Is that really about this only ? There is one very important factor that is often overlooked. It is the color, itself... read more

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Business APPetite : 5 Reasons your business is hungry for an app

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mobile apps

Most of us think that mobile apps are exclusively for big name brands like Flipkart and Citibank. But this conception is not true. More and more small and mid size businesses are getting on to the ‘App’ wagon, understanding that an effective mobile strategy includes more than just a mobile-friendly website... read more

The Malfoys and the Potters of the Social Media

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Welcome to the Hogwarts. (It is called Social Media in this universe)

You would triple your revenues by opening a twitter account

One blog and you would be the next on Oprah

Create your organization facebook page at 12 in the night and you will have hordes of traffic by 4 in the morning... read more

5 Mantras for Budding Entrepreneurs

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The run-of-the-mill jobs are not what is making the new generation go heads over heels. Entrepreneurship is the keyword for the youth between 25-35. Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Sabeer Bhatia are new age messiahs and the youth is taking to the idea of setting up an own business with a cult-like passion. These role models have encouraged people to enhance their risk-taking abilities and everyone is in the search for one big idea like the three wise men were searching for Jesus... read more

11 must use SEO tips for web designers

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Web Design and Search engine optimization go hand in hand when it comes to a successful website. The Design of a website is the art of providing information to visitors whereas SEO acts as gallery which can be searched by the leading search engines... read more

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Worldcup and Brand

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There would be no Indian in the whole world who would not be knowing that the Cricket World Cup is on these days. We are a cricket crazy nation in the first place and on top of it, we are the reigning World Champs. So, not knowing about the World Cup is a blasphemy for an Indian... read more

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World’s fastest growing E-commerce market : India

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India is on its way to becoming the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market if current projections are to be believed. This growth story is being fueled by healthy investment activity and the swift increase in internet users who have gone up from 50 mn in 2007 to 300 million in 2014. This figure is sure to go up as 80 mn more smartphones found their way into Indian hands, last years... read more

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5 Potholes to avoid on the road to Successful Web designing

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Building a website may sound a child’s play, but the real catch is to make it practically usable. This is made possible with right cooperation and understanding between an entrepreneur and the chosen agency. The website is part of your brand strategy and reflects how you conduct business and think of your customers, both online and offline... read more

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Old is Gold

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With your business expanding with the day and increasing number of new ‘converts’ joining your fold, it is natural and human to be excited and treating the new customers with a warm welcome and a five-star treatment with a special attention... read more

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Brand Dinosaurs

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  • Dinosaurs are big
  • Dinosaurs are magnificent
read more

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Squeeze more out of your mornings : 7 things successful people do before breakfast

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Delhi election

Getting big things done before you leave for the office in the morning can put you one step ahead of your dear and respected competitor and closer to the success you desire... read more

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What's brewing in Delhi ?? A Change??

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Delhi election

Last week we got the much expected and awaited news of Kiran Bedi joining Politics (at last!!!). The move was on the cards anyways and it was just a matter of time. She is now openly pitched against Kejriwal, whom she criticized for choosing the way of politics to mend the system. Now, both the crusaders of 'corruption-free India' have drawn their swords at each other . But if we remove this lid of confrontation, we could smell something brewing in Delhi. Did someone say 'change'?... read more

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The Year that was – 2014

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The year 2014 has been a mixed bag year of turbulences and reforms for the Indians.

The landmark event has to be when the entire nation was glued to the TV screens watching Narendra Modi taking the oath as Prime Minister and finally the “Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkaar” milestone was achieved... read more

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A Delayed yet Deserving Recognition

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Being a passively active follower of the politics of my country, for the first time in the past few weeks the news wasn’t contaminated with dirty politics. And No it wasn’t the BJP emerging victorious in the recent elections... read more

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We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people

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The incident of the recent self proclaimed Godman, reassured the fact that “We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people” Yes, you must have heard this line in a popular movie. And that’s proof enough that people are not unaware about the authenticity of such self stylized babas. read more

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Banning of Uber: Is it the right solution?

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As I approach my car I look behind to see if someone is following me. I turn on the central locking as soon I am seated. I purposely take busy roadways, knowing I have a child waiting for me at home. I see autos with 1098 – women’s helpline written on their rear. And I start to think, I would probably be calling that number after getting victimized. Sure, that’s a consolation. The radio stations are abuzz with debates and feedbacks from the general public with yet another December rape case. A woman on her way back home from work takes a cab – an obvious option for “anyone” wanting to get back home. And the cabbie – who has previously been jailed for the same crime – commits it without any shame or remorse. read more

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Attitude is Everything

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We often hear ourselves while consoling others to “Believe in yourself!” or “Learn to love yourself!”, but how many of us actually follow the act? read more

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Diwali Rebranded

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Diwali in India has is the most celebrated festival amongst all the others. It is the Christmas of India. We all know the religious significance behind this festival, but does it only remain celebrating Rama’s return to his rightful kingdom? read more

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Main ingredients for achieving success – Let’s learn it from Sachin Tendulkar!

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What makes Sachin one of the best batsmen in the world?

Is it his technique, his character, his timing…YES, all these elements were there but the most important thing is longevity. Just is being there in the middle on those 22 yards for 24 years, doing the same thing over and over again. read more

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Starting a business is like batting in England in overcast conditions

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I am a big cricket buff. While setting up the business of Webfries and Saymedi, I have some unusual findings which can relate to cricket!!


Starting a business is like batting in England in overcast conditions. When you come out to bat, the ball would bounce, swing and seam. The batsmen would try to make contact but would end up playing and missing and all the opponents around would be laughing and saying “oohh that was so close”. read more

Raj Kumar Hirani's PK – Picture speak more than 1000 words

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Directed by Raj kumar Hirani and produced by Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Siddharth Roy Kapur PK is a Hindi movie scheduled to be release in December’ 14. It stars Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt.


This is one of the very few times when marketing team is banking heavenly on Movie posters facilitating promotions to go viral. read more

Did you notice shift in the gear made by Indian Internet Industry?

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Flipkart has received $1 billion in fresh capital; it was valued at nearly $7 billion in the latest round of fund raising!!! These are just not numbers, THESE ARE BIG NUMBERS and certainly mean a lot for Indian internet industry.

Indian Internet Industry

Flipkart has turned the page and the sheer size of the latest fund raising puts pressure on rivals Snapdeal, Shopclues and Jabong to attract hundreds of millions of dollars to run the show now. read more

How your Company Logo make uniqueness of Your Company ?

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Indian Internet Industry

Your Company logo is a symbol that makes your company unique. Your company logo represents your company. Many companies are known across the world by their logo. A logo plays a great role in building a relation between clients and the company. Logo designed by Professional helps you get noticed in this competitive market. Having an amazing unique logo design for your business is a key way for establishing yourself as a unique brand. With one image that is logo, brand perception is set about the organization. Needless to say it leads to more business and recognition. read more

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Planning Guide for Website Designing Project

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Indian Internet Industry

We are continuously searching for ways to be the best website design company possible. Our mission is to not only deliver an amazing website, but also to make the complete process of building and delivering the new website as simplefor our clients as possible. read more

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Why Your Website does Not Attracts Potential Customer???

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Indian Internet Industry

It takes a lot of online marketing exercise and search engine optimization to make sure your website attracts customers. If your website is not making money despite your best efforts, what can you do?What to do if your website has traffic, but it is not converting in to money. Conversion is the second most important part of online marketing—traffic is the first. read more

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Review your Website to get better Search Engine Results

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Indian Internet Industry

A high quality website does not just mean launching a website and forgetting about it. Websites take maintaining and updating to keep them working to your advantage. To know how well your website is performing for your company, it is compulsory to perform a website review.
Using this information and feedback can help you determine what needs to be done in order to increase search engine results and overall website visibility. read more

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Is Brand Building exercise overvalued??

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Indian Internet Industry

Many companies still have a question in mind whether to invest in brand building as a focused area or to keep it as a side activity. To understand the importance of branding activities we need to first introspect the activities involved in brand building and its impact on one’s business. read more

How Mobile Apps makes life convenient

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Indian Internet Industry

Today, mobile apps are in demand. These can easily be downloaded through a mobile and used for different purposes. Most of people around the world use them for business and day-to-day activities. Some businesses can use mobile apps to promote their brand and access a new market.
Let’s face it; this is a time where people all over the world are continuously on the go... read more

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Must Haves to promote your website with Google+ Local

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Google search engine is the most usable plateform where you can promote your business and track people easily. When you use their social network for your Internet promotion, boosting your Google search results becomes easier... read more

Promote your business using “Video” as medium!!!

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Are you thinking of making a video to promote your business? Is it the right way? Will it burn my pocket? Who will make it? And so on…so many questions but answer is quite simple, YES you need it for promoting your business and there are multiple people like us who make quality online videos and that too at comfortable... read more

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Oh My! My! Just glance to drag & drop files!!!

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Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, and if you are not following it up you are moving a step backward. With Google glass becoming a reality, XBOX like platforms are becoming must haves, technology is truly going towards motion sensing... read more

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Being UX Designer

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Being User Experience designer is a very competitive profile. To be a master of visual layout, information flow, graphics designing, coding, user interaction, usability and else is certainly not a easy task. End to end activities involves several layer of multiple intelligence like graphics, sociology, industrial design more

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Logo Designing

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Designing Logo is a complex process in which truly an image speaks more than thousand words. One image can reflect the company, brand, products, culture, vision etc. Good designer conceptualize the logo design by understanding the parameters company likes to reflect through the logo. Since in conceptualizing more

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Link Building Techniques

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Google keeps on changing the algorithm and its impossible for any one except Google to be sure that the measures suggested by them are the most accurate ones for getting traffic to your website. In off page activities, link building still holds relevance. In my write up today I’m sharing some best proven techniques which can be used to for Link more

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I cast the Vote

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To all my friends in Delhi Get your finger inked today, don't forget to cast the for change - janheet main jaari -team Webfries...Read More

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Mangal Maye..Jai Ho..

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India's first mission to Mars left Earth's orbit in the early hours of Sunday, clearing a critical hurdle in its journey to the red planet!!! The success of the spacecraft, scheduled to orbit Mars by next September read more

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Who doesn't want to become a brand but what is the brand? how a brand is made? who makes the brand? Ok this might sound like too many question and bit stressful. So why not leave this on Webfries and you focus on paying us to do that. We at Webfries read more

Breast Cancer Awareness

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Who doesn't want to become a brand but what is the brand? how a brand is made? who makes the brand? Ok this might sound like too many question and bit stressful. So why not leave this on Webfries and you focus on paying us to do that. We at Webfries read more

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