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Is there a free lunch available? Answer is yes (though few times only ;-)). Google algorithm for search is becoming complex with every new update and its becoming more accurate. Its fetching the results very accurately as per the user search needs. SEO specialists are trying hard to keep the pace and keeping them abreast with the updates. There are plenty of premium products available which are making life easier for fellows however they burn the pocket as well. Big brands can afford it however majority of them rely on the solutions which are quite handy and comes for free. Yeah you read it right, there are plenty of very good tools available online which serves the purpose quite good majority of times and you don’t have to pay a penny to use them.

In this article, we are discussing a very important topic that what are the SEO tools available online which you can use as per your requirement and test results help you in taking some corrective measures. Thus, your website tops the search result chart and you have a good night sleep.

So here is the wonder list:

From the master’s shelf - Google Keyword Planner

It starts from this very useful tool provided by Google i.e. Keyword planner. Any SEO specialist cannot start their journey in this domain unless they have good hands on experience of using this tool. It gives a great insight about the keywords which are packed on the site. It’s the first building block for content creation as well.

Another product from the stable of Google i.e. Trends

As a SEO specialist, you need to keep an eye on Google trends on regular basis to know what is the trend of keywords in Google search. How campaigns are planned, lot of that depends on the popularity of keywords in digital arena and that is suggested by Google trends.

That’s not all – get hands on experience on Google webmaster

There is so much you can do using google webmaster like generation of meta tags, check the health of website, broken links etc. List is quite extensive.

Oh you thought list of surprise packages from Google is over? Wait, don’t forget to master Google Analytics

It is undoubtedly the free analytics tools available. It gives the complete end to end parameters which are needed to do the proper analytics of the site. Based on the facts and information gathered, you can take suitable actions where necessary steps are required.

Social tracking is important – check out Social Crawlytics

Content has become quite important. To analyze the pattern of most shared authors, pattern of the postings can be tracked using Social Crawlytics. Don’t miss checking out this very important tool.

Content is king – Be original. Check if its original on copyscape

Search engine puts lot of emphasis on checking the quality of site based on the quality of content available. It should not be copied from other sites, relevant and easy to read. Content creation for websites is a tedious task and some take the short route of picking it from other peppy sites. You can use copyscape to validate if content going on the website or blog has original stuff in it.

Is the site fast? Check loading speed on Pingdom or Google page speed insights or GTMetrix

Users have started checking their sites more and more on mobile devices hence search engines have started putting importance to the fact how fast website is loading depending on the web page size. There are multiple tools with their own advantages which can be used to check this very important aspect. It helps in determining the page size and loading time and makes you aware what corrective actions are required to make it optimum.

These are few SEO tool available online for free, there are several more available which serves different purpose. Start using them more and more, it really helps in optimizing your website. You can ping us anytime if you want to get the search engine optimization done for your website or need to discuss anything on this digital marketing module. Webfries is a web designing and SEO company based out of Gurgaon, India. We are available at | +91 124-4382-633.

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