Website Designing

Website Designing You want to make money that means you want to expand your business that means you want to go to masses that means you want website that means you need someone who can do that for you that means you need web designing company . Yes we got what you mean and it means a lot to us. We at Webfries want ourselves to grow which will only happen when we have happy and satisfied customers. We at Webfries assure top class creativity with high class delivery which will not just make you visible in market... Read More

Search Marketing

You don't need any analysis or any fancy graphs to tell you that whenever we search something on search engines like google we don't go beyond 3rd page or till 4th page even we have enough of free time. So its needless to say for topping the charts on Google, Yahoo, Bing you have to do something. Now here we provide that something to you by doing everything and that everything is called Search Engine optimization. We at Webfries have team of specialist who can provide this to you at the most reasonable cost which is best as per industry standard... Read More

Mobile Apps

Mobile does that sound like a family..we guess yes. we need it to do everything today from start of the day by using alarm, checking messages some good some not so good, checking mails , chats, movies, songs and yes sometimes even we use it to calculate 100x1 or 1+1 etc. Today we need mobile to learn and to earn... Did you hear earn ..yes you are right..considering the fact that person spend more time on/with mobile than anything else this becomes biggest medium to spread your business and now before you think who will do it we say we. We at Webfries having expertise in mobile apps that can deliver what you require whether its mobile web designing service or to make mobile application we promise to deliver. If you are thinking about spending now then you are on right track because you have to spend but at the cost of huge success coming your way... Read More


Who doesn't want to become a brand but what is the brand? how a brand is made? who makes the brand? Ok this might sound like too many question and bit stressful. So why not leave this on Webfries and you focus on paying us to do that. We at Webfries understand and believe that A brand is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image. Branding is when that idea or image is marketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people, and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product.We offer wide range of services to make a brand in market starting from logo designing , websites, video advertisements, banners, tag lines etc. So don't waste time more reading this, you as a brand is just a call away... Read More

Customized Applications

What does IT applications do in our day to day life? Hmmm... If you are still thinking we will tell you It helps us to automate things. We can survive without applications but cannot compete in today's competitive world you still thinking why? We will answer you again because Applications have become lifeline of the company it reduces huge running cost not only by automating things but also simplifying. We at Webfries continuously strive to provide our customer what they need to improve, their productivity and grow in this competitive market by giving them Web based & desktop based application based on requirements. We can build it for you on suitable platforms making it cost effective and most important revenue generating also lot of times. How we do it? We make use of our niche skill of listening to you. Once we get the requirement then its on us to suggest you with the solution which will only increase size of you Finance team to manage high revenue you will... Read More

Web Hosting

You would have experienced that when someone comes to our house we try to be best of the host by doing all the things possible in this world. That is what exactly we do with the services we host on our servers, the only difference is we don't want them to leave us unlike guests. We are partners with some of the most reliable data centres and offer Web hosting solutions for both Linux and Windows platforms. Our Web hosting services include Shared web hosting, Dedicated Web hosting,reseller Web hosting, virtual dedicated server hosting and managed Web hosting... Read More

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