Consider these tips while hiring a web Designer for your next website (Part-2)

Last week we touched upon a very interesting topic i.e. which are the parameters you can consider while hiring a web developer. We share 6 important points so far and in this week, we are going to share couple of more important considerations. If followed well and using your judgement, chances to go wrong are almost close to Nil. Let’s check the furthermore points:

#7. Know the coders as well

Sometimes story is not completed if you just meet or talk to their Sales fellow and award the project, it’s a good idea to say Hi to the Coders as well. They are the folks who really work on your project. All that glitter is not gold. Just by meeting the Sales person may not be reason enough to close the project on that vendor.

#8. Understand the project cost well

There are lot of freelancers and companies in the market, generally the startups, which pick the projects at rock bottom price. It’s at that level which can’t justify the cost even. Awarding the project may make it a Pandora box and thus you end up paying more money in the project by the time job is over (if it does!!). Not to forget, time will also be wasted.

#9. Give preference to Content driven organization

Content is the most ignored aspect generally in the web development job. End user puts the least emphasis on the content and worst can be if Web Designing company also has no control over it. Trust us, now a day having a great and gripping content on the web page is equally important. Great smart companies put emphasis on this very important piece in the project. Pick one such team.

#10. Don’t ignore AMC part

Your website is launched doesn’t mean relation with the web designer will end there, you generally get a partner not vendor while selecting firm/ person for website development project. After website is launched, it needs to be maintained and managed professionally. It does world of good if your partner takes care of the AMC part as well.

11. Are they process oriented?

As wisely said, it’s the processes which make the projects see daylight. It’s important to understand if website designing firm follows some standard tools and processes to monitor the projects. If not, it can become a nightmare to execute even a small project.

#12. Give preference to pro-active partner

You must give some extra marks to the potential partner if they are pepped up team and pro-active in nature. Ideas should come from their side; also, do they have the conviction to convince you for something which may be of your not liking. This shows their intelligence about the subject and pro-activeness as different ideas were bounced off from their end.

#13. In the end, you should own all the rights of what is made

We keep on hearing the stories how web designers or free lancers are giving hard time to the end user by not passing all the rights of the digital property including codes, hosting and admin rights etc. to the end user. God forbid, if such entity shut their shop, getting their catch hold becomes a nightmare.

These are few points which you may like to consider while selecting the right partner for your next website. It’s better to take time and select the right partner. In case your decision is not right, try to immediately move to the next partner. Don’t compromise on anything but the best.

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