Consider these tips while hiring a web Designer for your next website

While awarding any web development project to any provider, you must have some checklist in mind. It’s an important decision to pick the right vendor for your job else things go haywire from the word go. Website creation though is not a rocket science however things go jittery if not handled properly from the start. Now a day with advent of supporting tools even non-technical people can come up with great looking websites however to find one is a tricky part. First question you need to answer is if Freelancer is the choice or full-fledged company would suffice your requirement. Chances to get cheaper solutions are high with former association however be prepared to handle the one-man army and quality may not be up to the mark in all aspects of the website. Second choice may give you a better solution however be ready to spend slightly higher amount considering set of team members work on it. We have prepared a comprehensive list of queries, answers to them should enable you to boil down to the shortlisted vendor. Right decision will enable you to save money, and the time.

#1. Experience counts

Experience has lot of weightage in the website designing and development job. Couple of decisions you need to make like choice of technology, responsiveness-yes/ no etc., you need to make sure the web designer has ample experience and carries the expertise of developing on the same set of technology framework. For example, there is a difference while developing an e-commerce site on magento viz.-a-viz. with woo-commerce.

#2. Do they have an amazing portfolio?

Like first point, checking their portfolio can give you a great insight about the depth web designer has in his/ her work. Icing on the cake can be if they have the portfolio available in the same segment in which you would want to get your website made. Reason being they would have less questions for you and less hassles.

#3. Do they have decent conversation skills?

Sounds weird? It’s an important checklist parameter you must consider. Trust me it’s a very difficult task to convey your thoughts on the designing part, both to the end user as well as to the internal team members. If communication skills are good, you can be sure that message is conveyed end to end properly and you are likely to see the results which are as per your requirement.

#4. Take some pain in reaching out to do the reference check

Reference check can give you good idea about the web designers timeline commitment and quality of job, it’s no harm if you take the contact numbers from the web designer for carrying out this activity, confident designers would never hesitate to share couple of numbers for reference check.

#5. SEO knowledge is an add-on

As we always say having a great looking website is just one part of the story, next important thing which matters is how much SEO friendly the website is. Lot of time you give the handle of SEO management to the same firm or expect that website designer should inherently consider the SEO on-page points while developing the website. If the vendor has the right knowledge about SEO, it will be a boon.

#6. Knowledge on Social Media Optimization can be an icing on the cake

Like SEO, SMO has also become quite important now a day. Whole social activities should be gelled together on the website well. Social personality of the brand should be reflected from the site.

There are few more very checklist point which we would be covering in our next article. Webfries is web development and designing firm based out of Gurgaon with development center in Nashik and RE’s stationed across multiple places. We may be the right partner for you in your next web designing or Digital Marketing opportunity, you can ping us anytime on | +91 124 4382-633.

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