The Increasing Role of AI & Automation and What it means to the Web Design Industry

Every now and then, a new technology sweeps the field of web design and leaves everyone stunned. Be it CSS, progressive enhancement or of late responsive design, they overthrew existing practices and built something totally new. The latest entrant is automated web design – yes, building apps and sites automatically with the help of AI.

Sounds like something from the future right? No, the technology is right on the horizon and looks like it’s going to stay.

Now, this poses several serious questions. What does web automation mean for the web designers? Will they become an obsolete tribe? Or, is this just a passing fad that will fizzle out quickly? Find out the answers to these, here in today’s post.

Let’s get the Basics Right: What is Applied AI and how is it used in Web Design?

The Journey of the Web User

Before we delve into the topic, let’s have a look at the evolution of the average web user. Initially, when the web was still in the nascent stage, the end user was satisfied with minimal functionality. As the web advanced, the expectations of users increased accordingly. Today’s users demand and expect high levels of personalization.

Users seek an experience that is predictive, easy to follow and relevant to their preferences. Hyper-tailored content, better mobile notifications, customised email messages are some of the tricks of the web design industry to cater to the needs for personalisation.

Now, what’s the next chapter in web design? How, about making things simpler? Could we do away with the entire web design and development team at the backend? How about automating the entire web design process? Is that even possible?

Usher in the Era of AI in Web Design

Well, you can do it with artificial intelligence. While applied AI has been used in other industries like medical diagnosis, stock trading for several years, the technology has been introduced, only recently in the web and mobile app design.

Some recent articles report the use of Applied AI to convert images and text to suitable web pages automatically. This is a paradigm shift – Web development has migrated from handcrafting each web page to automated personalisation of sites, based on the behavioural traits and other inputs from potential users.

And, this is just the beginning. We are likely to see more of an automotive revolution in web design in the near future.

The website of the Future is a Living Organism

Future websites are likely to build their layouts, fonts, colours and extra imagery based on the results of the semantic design decisions made by Artificial Intelligence.

Now, arises the Design Dilemma

Some predict that AI will make web designers go the way of the dinosaurs. But, we don’t agree with this. Won’t heading the automated route remove the emotional connect of websites? Aren’t websites likely to become bland and too similar? Is it really possible to replace a human web designer with his/her keen aesthetic tastes and logical reasoning?

Web Design is far from Dead

To clear the air, let’s first state the basic fact: web design automation isn’t going to replace web designers. In fact, it’s likely to do the opposite. With more firms trying to build an automated website building platform, the need for skilled and expert web designers is sure to increase. Training a machine to think like humans, require humans who know the job. These designers must translate their skill and expertise into algorithms that can later be taught to the machines.

With that said, it’s necessary to state that web design is not an art or mysterious magic. Rather it’s a science that is based on several external factors like user preference, site optimisation, SEO and several other influential factors.

Why are Web Designers still relevant?

However, advanced the AI, there is something that it can never achieve – human empathy. When it comes to providing the best user experience, web designers win hands down. They draw various inputs from their treasure chest of experiences to create an exception user experience across multiple channels.

The Take Away: Applied AI isn’t Good or Evil

Yes, applied AI is just another tool to aid the web designer. It simplifies the generic tasks of the designer, freeing up his time to focus on other important tasks. Users crave for stories that connect, great photography, stunning visuals, exceptional layouts and above all a remarkable and a distinctive user experience when they visit a site.

And, this is what a web designer delivers and will always deliver. Designers create, design and build sites that stand out and establish an emotional connect with the user. They give what the user craves even when the user isn’t sure of what it is exactly. They help to establish a brand and create the link between the end user and the brand. And, that’s why web designers aren’t likely to be replaced.

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